Workplace issues include bullying. It’s a widespread problem for employers and employees, alike.

Data shows as many as 35 percent of all employees are victims of workplace bullies.

Workplace bullying is a costly threat to an organization’s teamwork and productivity. In fact, it hurts retention of all employees.

It can also cause legal issues, for which best practices in workplace investigation are needed.

In addition, if a company is lacking in teamwork, morale is weak and profits are weak, chances are you there might be problems with workplace bullies.

If so, this means you probably to improve your organization’s culture.

Be forewarned, changing a culture is a monumental chore because it will take strategic planning and super powers of persuasion.

There are six steps to necessary to implement a cultural change for profits.

Victims have rights and employers must take steps to need to deal with it and prevent it, as it involves physical and mental abuse.

Do not tolerate it. Make it a formal policy.

For victims and bosses, here’s a helpful infographic by Quill:

How to Squash Workplace Bullying Without Bullying Back

From the Coach’s Corner, here are relevant strategies employees and managers:

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“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.”
-Theodore Roosevelt



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