Most executives probably cringe at the thought of romances blossoming among their office workers. But it happens, right?

Yes, the reality is that it happens a lot. If you’re ambitious, my recommendation would be against it for a multitude reasons – starting with how it would adversely affect your career with the company.

An office romance could adversely impact your love interest, as well, and there are possible repercussions for the morale of your co-workers.

But if you must date a co-worker, here are precautions to take:

1. Check your motive by asking yourself some questions

— “Why do I want to date the person?”

— “What’s in it for me — good or bad?”

— “How will it affect my love interest?”

— “How will it affect my co-workers and office morale?”

— “What will happen if it doesn’t work?”

2. Review your organization’s rules

Before you do anything, check your company’s rules about dating peers.

Such policies were written to prevent problems such as those that occur when office romances go sour, to avert conflicts of interest if one of you has access to confidential information, or when jealous when one person in promoted and the other isn’t.

3. Consider the standing held by you and the other person

If one of you is subordinate to the other party, it can impact the morale of each of you, your reputations and the morale of your co-workers. And when a person dates a boss, confidence and productively will likely go south.

4. Disclose your relationship

If it appears the two of you is becoming an item, you’re advised to disclose your relationship to your boss or your human resources department.

If there are complications and your organization handles it well, there’ll be a solution. For example, one of you will be transferred.

An office romance could adversely impact your love interest, as well, and there are repercussions for the morale of your co-workers.

5. Keep it professional

You’re much better off, if you date outside your department. And it’s good idea for both of you to be peers, not a boss-employee relationship. Legal complications can likely arise if you date your supervisor – or vice versa, if the romance ends.

6. Honor boundaries

Both of you need to observe boundaries. Again, keep it professional. If you don’t, serious complications will arise with an adverse impact on office morale.

If boundaries aren’t observed, typically what happens is the two people become affectionate. They disappear in unexplained absences. If they argue, it adversely affects co-workers. When they split up, one or both people are hostile and refuse to speak to one another.

7. Stay objective

Don’t show favoritism to the person you’re dating. When it comes to discussion of ideas, overcome your bias and don’t make knee-jerk decisions favoring your friend.

By the same token, if the two of you disagree, make a commitment to agree to disagree diplomatically.

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“My only relationship policy is, don’t bring your dirty laundry to work, no sex on company furniture and don’t let it affect your work.”

-Paula Graves


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