In order to succeed as a consultant, bear in mind it’s a challenging occupation. It entails a lot more than just being knowledgeable and providing good counsel.

Get used to writing. In this piece, you’ll see a common thread among writing, self-awareness, communication and thought leadership.

There are six important elements needed for success in consulting:

1. Develop a track record of success

Before you embark on a career as a consultant, choose a field you love and earn your stripes. Become adept in marketing, sales, accounting, strategy and continuous self-development.

In other words, lay the groundwork for becoming a thought leader — an important characteristic for consultants.

2. Know your strengths and weaknesses

You must know how talented you are. Review your life and career. Take a sheet of paper and pen or pencil. Then divide the sheet into two columns: Your strengths and weaknesses.

At the bottom of the page, itemize your goals.

Then, develop a one-page vision plan. Outline what you plan to achieve, indicate a timeline, and how and why you will achieve your objectives.

This is instrumental in developing a branding slogan and value propositions for your prospective clients.

3. Enhance your brand

You must build credibility to build trust with clients.

Become well known to create new sales opportunities. Book speaking engagements, get quoted in the media, and develop a forum for content marketing by writing a newspaper column or blog, and become adept in social media.

4. Monetize your networking

Consider your circle of associates, friends and relatives. You’ll be amazed at your opportunities for clients or client referrals.

Write a complete list. There’s something magical about putting thoughts and ideas in writing.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”

-Milton Berle

5. Continuously learn

Even if you’ve mastered the learning curve so far about consulting, always remember you must stay relevant. The only way is to never stop learning.

New challenges will appear on a regular basis. By staying abreast of marketplace changes, you’ll help your chances for success.

So read, read and read. Get a mentor. Join the right groups.  I’ve done all these things.

6. Hone your sales ability

You must prepare to deal with rejection. Even if you’re an introvert, you’ll have to approach people you don’t know.

You’ll face obstacles. Not everyone will want to hire you. So master the secrets for sales success.

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“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”

-Milton Berle


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