8 Tips to Attract Customers Back to Your Retail Store

Traditional retail sales are regressing mainly as a result of e-commerce growth. Online sales continue to explode with no end in sight.

True, Amazon is largely to blame for changes in customer behavior. But not entirely because retailers have not embraced digital sales as well as they could.

So what’s a retailer to do?

Here are seven strategies:

1. Upgrade customer service

Successful retailers understand customers make buying decisions based on emotion. By creating a more personal touch in customer service, they enhance their chances to increase sales.

That includes making personalized recommendations and showing appreciation to customers merely by saying “thank you” as opposed to the trite phrase “have a nice day.”

2. Companion apps

Companion apps to attract and engage customers are helpful. A companion app serves as an educator to shoppers. It explains information and specials to entice customers.

Some are hyper-location based. Shoppers take advantage of them as soon as they enter a store.

3. Location targeting

Retailers are now capitalizing on marketing tactics offline that were originally used online. That’s via mobile.

Retargeting is, of course, widely used in e-commerce advertising. Now, retailers can use it offline.

Retargeting uses location data trends – from beacons to ID – when prospective customers are planning to shop and retargeting back to a retail location.

4. Optimize for Google

Google remains the dominant search engine. Savvy retailers attract shoppers by being fully accessible on the Internet.

This is accomplished by a strong mobile site and optimizing Google listings.

“Change before you have to.”

-Jack Welch

5. Coupon technology

Businesses are attracting customers who are now accustomed to click-and-ship shopping. Retailers use coupons to provide in-store-only discount specials.

Many shoppers are taking advantage of fun app.

Stores invest in an app for download that takes advantage of location-based data and then they send these coupons to shoppers’ cellphones when they’re near the store.

6. Cause-related marketing

Nothing excites socially minded shoppers like cause-related marketing when it benefits their community. Such marketing is quite the attraction for good, loyal customers.

Smart retailers back great community causes such as fundraising events, donating portions of proceeds, and educational screenings.

7. Customized events

Retailers are grabbing top-of-mind awareness by scheduling personal events unique to their businesses.

For instance, some restaurants are providing free cooking techniques. Salons are holding blow-dry classes.

They also use elements in cause-related marketing. Dry cleaners and clothing retailers are offering discounts to customers who bring donated clothes.

8. Save money on marketing using PR and social media

If you need blockbuster publicity, use best practices in marketing to leverage the news media to brand your site.

Whether you’re a nonprofit or business, great social media strategy will promote your event and your brand. In addition, even after your event it’s possible to enhance your return from social-media investment. So, maximize your ROI from your next event with social media.

From the Coach’s Corner, try these approaches and you will enjoyed a renewed interest in shoppers.

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“Change before you have to.”

Jack Welch


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