Plus, a motivating Salesforce infographic, “The Big Leagues of Marketing: How to be Successful in Enterprise Marketing.”


A St. Louis, MO marketing company provides some marketing truisms.

“Let’s face it: Doing business in the modern, global workplace means that you and every one of your departments are pulled in multiple directions all the time,” says Jessica Pyykkonen of Ghergich & Co. (

“It’s not just customer service and sales but production and marketing, too,” she explains. “And developing an enterprise marketing system or effort can feel overwhelming. It’s hard to focus and it’s easy to fall back on the impersonal, to the detriment of your customers.”

How to tap into customers’ emotions?

“They need to feel as if you are tending to them and to their needs and wants,” she says.

“And smaller companies may feel as if they don’t have enough resources to devote to something that’s big in execution,” she adds. “But both of those approaches would be wrong.”

A better option?

“It just comes with access to a method known as the Ansoff Matrix, which helps guide companies through their decision-making process,” she contends. “That matrix is a great way to think about opportunities as they relate to increased sales.”

Yes, indeed.

“While the layman may understand enterprise as ‘marketing for big companies,’ this … breaks down the strategy necessary for large-scale marketing,” she concludes.

She provides an informative infographic courtesy of Salesforce:

The Big Leagues of Marketing: How to Be Successful in Enterprise Marketing

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“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

-Peter Drucker



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