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Obviously, mutual respect are vital in cooperation and teamwork for performance. Clear management strategies are necessary if you have uncivil staff members.

You might have undesirable situations that don’t rise to the level of termination. But you and your organization will be better off if you take proactive action.

For civility and collaboration, implement these strategies:

1. Evaluate your staff

Consider which employees need more managing than their co-workers.

Look for red flags. For instance, some might be negative or are high-maintenance and are oblivious to how they affect others.

2. Visualize teamwork and harmony

Imagine a positive workplace. Pay particular attention to what is best for your organization.

Even with annoying employees, don’t allow your emotions to guide you. Decide on what’s needed.

3. Be assertive and transparent

Clueless or oblivious employees need to be approached. They are incapable of reading your mind. So, have a discussion about your concerns.

4. Engage your staff members

This means stating the facts to each employee about behavior and performance.

Don’t imagine what the person might be thinking. Invite feedback from the person.

5. Be a role model

If you need and expect change, make certain you’re a positive professional at all times. Otherwise, your employees will think you’re the proverbial emperor without clothes.

6. Schedule confidential one-on-one conversations

Never let your staff know what or when you’re thinking negatively about one of their coworkers. Have a private discussion with the offending employee about attitude, behavior and expectations.

7. Create a paper trail

Document everything that’s said and done. If you don’t, you’ll risk more problems.

8. Stay good-natured

No matter what the employee says, don’t let your feathers get ruffled. Maintain your poise.

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“If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.”

-Allice Roosevelt Longworth


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