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Until 2020, the average employee never gave a second thought about health benefit plans. But for many workers, the COVID-19 outbreak changed everything.

The pandemic started prompting many employees to question their health insurance benefits.

Many have begun having second thoughts after using the lowest cost plans for many years.

They worry about their insurance coverage.

So, it might be time for you to take precautions and take an added step to educate your workers about their options.

With social distancing, your workers cannot just walk into your office to ask questions. Nor can you explain benefits to them in person.

So, check with your group health insurance provider and consider three options:

1. Inquire about staging a virtual presentation. So your workers can go online to review their benefit options, this might include a virtual lobby, exhibit hall and video vault.

2. Plan to hold informative Google Meets or Zoom meetings with your departments.

3. Afterward, allow for the online scheduling of meetings with individual workers. You can choose to use Slack, video or webinar platforms.

A final cautionary note: In using slides, be sure to keep the slides simple. Use a maximum of 12 words. Be sure to include adequate information on new benefit options.

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“Mention health in most companies, and the cost of health insurance is what comes to mind, not how the company can invest to prevent further escalation in societal health care costs.”

-John Quelch


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