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The soaring inflation rate and other Biden policies were catalysts for a surprising trend in preferences of Biz Coach readers in 2021. 


Even with the widely available vaccine, COVID-19 surged higher in 2021 over 2020.

But business strategies to cope with coronavirus issues weren’t as widely read as nearly countless other topics published here at The Biz Coach. That’s even though we published numerous strategies in 24 COVID articles (and the typical reader consumed an average six pages during each visit among the 1,200 available articles).

For five months in 2021, readers surprisingly favored a single public-policy article. Why? There’s widespread political and economic chaos in the country and politics have a big impact on business.

Indeed, the nation’s most-reliably accurate pollster indicated most Americans were upset with the direction of the country under the Biden Administration (E.g. Only 31% Say Biden Represents Their Views).

The opinions of Democrats and Republicans are, of course, predictable. But the poll revealed an eye-opening trend: Independents are rejecting Mr. Biden’s policies.

So the mood of Americans appears to explain the popularity of the article — why voters regret voting for Mr. Biden.

In other months, the most-popular 2021 Biz Coach articles:

  1. Tips to help managers communicate effectively with their employees.
  2. What employers can do about minimum-wage mandates.
  3. Etiquette tips for employees when dining with their bosses.
  4. The 10-year anniversary of the BP oil disaster — failures by management and in public relations.

For each month, here are the most-read articles:

January and August —

10 Management Attributes for Effective Communication

Communication skills are critical for managers. People with enhanced abilities in communication typically have successful relationships at work and home. Good communicators typically have 10 attributes.


February, March, April, May and June —

Why ‘Regret Voting for Biden’ Trends on Google


July —

If Your Boss Invites You to Dinner, Make a Great Impression

If Your Boss Invites You to Dinner, Make a Great Impression

Whether you’re invited to the home of your boss, a prospective employer or a business associate, manners are important. Things aren’t always as they seem. Be aware you’ll have to impress everyone who is attending. Here’s a checklist of 13 etiquette tips.


October —

Don’t let Minimum Wage Mandates Ruin Your Business

Don’t let Minimum Wage Mandates Ruin Your Business

Your cash flow, credit access, pricing and profit margins are all directly or indirectly at-risk with the proposed mandates to increase the minimum wage. See these nine strategies.


November and December —

BP Crisis Management, PR Misfires — a Case Study

BP Crisis Management, PR Misfires — a Case Study


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