Depending on your type of business, the jury might still be out over whether Facebook can you help you make money by making the cash register ring. But some advertisers are increasingly investing in Facebook. is a must-read for any Internet entrepreneur. Its newsfeed on May 23, 2011 included 10 optimization tips for merchants and reasons to use Facebook’s “like” button. I have to agree. (However, before you get too excited about prospects via Facebook see the warnings below in the “Coach’s Corner.”)

Here are the first 10 of the 11 promised optimization tips:

1. Allowing users to add comments will significantly increase the number of clicks on the Like button

2. Display Like buttons at both the top and bottom of your posted content

3. Clicks increase dramatically when Like buttons appear near videos, images, infographics and other visual content

4. Like buttons that display thumbnail images of friends will receive three to five times more clicks than versions that don’t

5. Ask questions of users on your Fan pages, such as “Would you like …?” and “Would you prefer …?”

6. Post fun and interactive content such as games, trivia questions and polls

7. Incorporate coupons and discounts on your Wall

8. Post time-sensitive content and relate to current events

9. Post videos

10. Include links to additional content

As promised, here’s my 11th tip to profit from Facebook courtesty of VatorNews: It’s best to update your Facebook wall on Tuesdays.

From the Coach’s Corner, here’s more about Facebook:

Marketers: Instagram Beats Facebook, Twitter — Study — Instagram is beating Facebook, and Twitter in brand engagement — making money for marketers, according to two studies in 2013. SumAll study  Though marginal in brand-performance results, the SumAll study compared the data of 6,000 customers using social media. U.S. companies enjoyed revenue increases of 1.5 to 3 percent thanks to Instagram.

‘Why Facebook Is Failing Marketers’ — Forrester Study — As a digital advertising option, hundreds of savvy marketers rank Facebook last in “business value” according to a critical Forrester Research study. The study ranks Facebook last among 13 digital options by 395 marketers in the U.S. and Canada.

Marketing – Why Visual Content Works on Facebook, but Hashtags Don’t — Ninety-eight percent of top brands have a Facebook fan page, but Facebook’s hashtags don’t enhance engagement with consumers. That’s one of two salient conclusions from an analysis of top-brand experiences from marketing on Facebook. What does work is visual content.

Facebook Draws Fire for 6 ‘Stubbornly Childish’ Behaviors — Facebook continues to incur the wrath of critics. This includes a six-point indictment by a leading professional publication, It’s a daily must-read for advertising professionals. AdAge columnist, Simon Dumenco, posed this question: “Facebook Under Siege: Will It Ever Grow Up?” It doesn’t look like it.

Aside from Privacy, Security Issues — Facebook is a Threat 2 Ways — Why Facebook is becoming more of a threat in marketing. Use due diligence to capitalize on Facebook.

“The Internet is the trailer park for the soul.”

-Marilyn Manson


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