Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


In previous years human resources was the dominant topic for business professionals. But given the widespread chaos created by the pandemic, articles dealing with COVID-19 were expected to be the most read topic.

But in 2020 articles providing tips for career growth, marketing, human resources and project management led the way.

For each month, here were the most-read articles:


January —

How to Get Appointments with CEOs for Long Term Relationships

In-person cold calls work well in selling to a CEO, and enhances your efforts to lay a groundwork for a long-term business relationship. Here are eight tips.


February —

10 Management Attributes for Effective Communication

Communication skills are critical for managers. People with enhanced abilities in communication typically have successful relationships at work and home. Good communicators typically have 10 attributes.


March —

Tips for Telecommuters to Optimize Home Internet Service

The lifestyles and careers of millions of Americans have, of course, changed as a result of the coronavirus crisis. If you’re a remote worker with children at home, your home Internet service might need to be optimized. Here are five tips.


April —

So You Finally Got Your First Management Job? Now What?

There are 10 principles every new manager needs to know and use.


May and June —

The Qualities Needed for Success in Project Management