If you, as a restaurant owner, have trouble keeping talented employees, consider insights from a report on a Sacramento, California TV station. It will also help you stay in business.

The headline, “Servers Say Groupon Leads to Smaller Tips,” The KXTL-TV report on Jan. 25, 2012, which is enlightening, cites numerous comments on YCombinator.

It seems restaurant employees across the nation are unhappy about the small tips they get from customers who use discounted Groupon coupons. Groupon has about 150 million subscribers.

Consumers get coupons from Groupon for discounts. The rub is that restaurant customers are tipping on the 50 percent discounted price, not the regular menu price.

What’s worse, the article states: The State Restaurant Association tells FOX40 that in a stressed economy, business owners find it hard to keep giving such big discounts.

In essence, the report serves to support the conclusions in a Biz Coach article: “Daily Deal Sites and Pricing Principles – What’s Sustainable and What Isn’t.

Long term, such restaurant couponing does not give an adequate return on investment.

The article cited research by Rice University that shows many restaurants find it impossible to be profitable by partnering with Groupon and other daily deal sites.

I wrote:

The study caught my eye because this business portal has long maintained it’s dangerous to sell products at the cheapest price in the marketplace vis-à-vis focusing on value and customer service. (See What are the Secrets for Success from Advertising?)

“Companies that focus solely on price attract the smallest segment of consumers – 18 percent – the least-desirable customers who make buying decisions solely on price. Such consumers are not loyal. Additionally, they’re the biggest complainers and more likely to return products.”

So listen to your employees – partner with themUse the right strategies to give you pricing power.

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“Pleasure is the greatest incentive to evil.”



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