Google AdWords makes it easy for small businesses to become more dominant online.

This is accomplished because it enables advertisers to follow prospective customers and to spawn sales leads.

The key is to create a clever, effective ad while using an economy of words in your copy.

Obviously, it isn’t easy to accomplish.

Here are valuable tips:

1. Know your competition

This might be the only time to study your competitors.

You’ll need to know how they’re using Adwords. Notice what their copy and why it might be productive for them.

At the same time, understand what they’re not doing well. Naturally, you’ll want to avoid making the same errors.

2. Differentiate your branding

Evaluate how you can be unique in your ads. Uniqueness can range from your professionalism to your portfolio of products and services.

3. Insert effective keywords

Prospective customers are on the Web using keywords or key phrases.

So you must be cognizant of the right keywords and phrases to include in your copy.

4. Offer exclusivity

Decide what you can provide that’s different from your competitors. If you must, consider whether to mention discounts or whether to include discount codes that shoppers can insert into their shopping cart.

5. Explain your story succinctly

With Google’s limit on wording, your call-to-action must hit your target branding-wise with strong active verbs in a concise fashion. If you write with conviction, your prospects will be more likely to trust you.

6. Accessorize your copy with your site

Think like your prospects. Don’t confuse them. Your landing page or Web site must be cohesive with your ad copy.

Use your ads’ same tone and keywords and phrases on your site.

7. Stay up-to-date

If you’re running time-sensitive ads, update your copy as needed. By regularly changing your copy, prospects will notice sooner or later.

8. Tout your successes

After you get strong results, boast about the popularity of your products or services. Use specific percentages or numbers.

9. Use second-person grammar

Remember it’s all about your customer. Write as though you’re talking directly with the reader. Don’t use “we” or “our”. Use “you” as in “you will love this.”

10. Localize your ads

If you’re advertising in a few or several different locales, make certain that you customize the ads for the right locations.

11. Prevent errors

Before submitting your ads to Google, check and double-check your spelling and grammar. If need-be, get a second opinion.

12. Consider extensions

Your ads will be enhanced if you use extensions. Your ads will look more vibrant.

13. Tailor for mobile devices

With the ever-increasing use of smartphones and tablets, be aware that your ads must be mobile-friendly – displaying well on a mobile device, and not just laptops or PCs.

Take advantage of Google’s phone numbers extension to enable your customers to immediately call you with ease from your ad.

14, Tailor your domain

Insert a brief and unique URL in your ad so that it’s more meaningful. For an explanation, see Mashable’s tips for a memorable URL.

15. Test, test and test

Continuously monitor your results and don’t be afraid to experiment with your copy. One way to evaluate your results is to develop different versions of each ad and insert them concurrently.

(Disclosure: This site employs Google AdSense; however, this did not influence the writing of this article in any way.)

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“Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving.”

-David Ogilvy


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