So, Facebook and Twitter face a possible big regulatory spanking for bias after pushing lawmakers to a breaking point — after censoring a New York Post exposé that threatened the presidential campaign of Joe Biden.

Both social media companies censored spreading of a bombshell story — that Mr. Biden knew about his son, Hunter Biden, and his dubious behavior in both China and Ukraine, and also lied about it.

The scandal pitted Facebook and Twitter against America’s oldest daily newspaper, which was launched in 1801 by one of the nation’s founders, Alexander Hamilton.

It was also a big deal back when comScore data indicated back in 2010 that cyber citizens spent more time on Facebook than the Google sites.

Cyber citizens spent an aggregate 41.1 million minutes on Facebook — 9.9 percent of their search-time. That beat the 39.8 million minutes, or 9.6 percent, on all of Google’s sites.

It was a major catalyst for Google to create Google+, which ultimately failed. It’s noteworthy because Google, of course, is the leading search engine and has Google News, Gmail and most-importantly, YouTube.

Regarding Facebook, it would appear there are questions to consider:

  1. What should businesses do in marketing on Facebook?
  2. What precautions should businesses take to make certain their Web sites are not obliterated by Facebook?

To maximize the marketing investment, businesses should consider establishing a Facebook page.

But don’t count too heavily on Facebook or other social media for sales. Facebook and other social media only drive 1 percent of e-commerce sales. A study shows a strong presence on Google’s search engine will better increase your odds for income.

But for a Facebook presence, Website Magazine’s Linc Wonham published some basic tips:

  • Set goals for your Facebook page and monitor your progress
  • Make your page interesting and informative, and update it as often as you can
  • Promote your Facebook page on your business website and elsewhere; add a Find us on Facebook button wherever you can
  • Reward your Facebook Fans with discounts and special promotions
  • Create a Facebook user group that will be of interest/useful to your audience
  • Join other Facebook user groups that pertain to your industry or niche
  • Take advantage of Facebook’s tools; track your success with Facebook analytics

“Businesses can add a Facebook Place to their Facebook Page, or the two can be combined,” according to the writer. “The result of either option is getting your company’s address, map, phone number and other data in front of Facebook’s massive user network and giving them a way to share the information with friends.”

Mr. Wonham specifies the benefit:

“The result of either option is getting your company’s address, map, phone number and other data in front of Facebook’s massive user network and giving them a way to share the information with friends.”

His tips for Facebook ads:

  • Be as specific as possible with your keywords and demographic selections
  • Use compelling images, titles and copy in your ads
  • Make your ads as interactive and engaging as you can
  • Frequently update and refresh the images and copy for better results
  • Be vigilant about testing your ads and monitoring the results
  • Bid high to get your ads approved faster by Facebook
  • Start with CPC ads if you have a very small budget, otherwise CPM is the better bet
  • Use Facebook Ads Manager, which can be downloaded and installed on Firefox

Warning: Don’t be too closely aligned with Facebook, because you might fall victim to the axiom, the medium is the message“.

In addition to the Facebook scandal surreptitiously pushing for the election of Mr. Biden, you might as well know that advertising professionals have been increasingly criticizing Facebook for being obnoxious (see: Facebook Draws Fire for 6 ‘Stubbornly Childish’ Behaviors).

That’s not all. There are two additional dangers to Facebook marketing:

  1. Facebook tends to supersede the importance of your Web site in the minds of cyber citizens.
  2. The most successful companies achieving success on Facebook have done it by slashing prices and offering coupons. Ouch!

For more on this angle, see this article: Aside from Privacy, Security Issues — Facebook is a Threat 2 Ways.

But always remember the best mediums to drive cyber citizens to your Facebook page and Web site — broadcast advertising and strong PR — the ultimate keys to your marketing mix.

To target credit-worthy or high net-worth customers, broadcast news and authoritative business Web sites are especially your best bets.

So, harness the power of Facebook, but don’t let it make your Web site irrelevant. You want to dialogue with consumers on your own turf.

Use these measures and you’ll be a winner in Facebook’s invasion of Google’s turf.

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“The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.”

-Eric Schmidt


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