If you want maximum sales as an online seller, it’s likely you’ll want to succeed on Amazon.com.

Whether you like it or not, Amazon has become the e-commerce destination where prospective customers can discover and buy anything they want.

So, one salient tactic for you on Amazon is to garner the best-possible reviews for your products and services.

Positive reviews about your customers’ shopping experience will play a huge role for you.

True, when you ship products you can also insert messaging to remind customers of the value they’re buying.

More importantly, you can also be strategizing for the best-possible reviews to cement customer satisfaction for customer loyalty and to influence other shoppers.

Ultimately, customers don’t care what you have to say unless they’re given an opportunity to comment.

For positive reviews on Amazon, here are four best practices:

1. Strategize on your process

Your process should include a strong email approach. Effective emails following a purchase show your empathetic regard for your customer by showing you care.

2. Quickly request feedback on shopping experience

Great timing and message content will help you to avoid the prospect of bad reviews.

As soon as your buyer places an order, consider emailing a request for feedback on the shopping experience.

True, your customers won’t have actually received the product, so they can’t comment on your products. But you can generate positive reviews about the shopping experience.

For example, solicit comments about the superb quickness in processing of their orders. And ask about the efficiency they encounter in completing their purchases.

This also accomplishes two immediate goals.

Firstly, Amazon will be impressed, which will enhance your relationship with the e-commerce giant.

Secondly, it becomes more likely the customers will comment positively after they receive your products.

Key Strategies for Best Holiday Sales on Amazon

3. Emails following shipment and delivery

Now make sure you create a new opportunity for a positive review.

After the buyers receive your products, they’re likely to be enthusiastic, so do a couple of things.

Provide the necessary contact information to frequently asked questions on how to get in touch with your company directly; and ask for a review of their buying experience.

This, in turn, creates opportunities for great future reviews and sales.

4. More followup showing customer care

After a few weeks or a month has passed, request feedback about the product and service.

Suggest to your customers that their feedback is important for your continued best-possible products and service.

Point out that you want to be sure that they and other shoppers know you will continually do your best for them so they enjoy a happy-buying experience.

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“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.”

-Jeff Bezos


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