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For success in giving a speech, you must be able to bond with your audience. How? There’s a simple technique you can use to earn loyalty and trust with your audience members.

Many speakers, however, overlook using the technique, according to a thought leader in communication.

“Acknowledgment is often overlooked in favor of content,” says Eric Stone, a leading speech performance coach and former New York City stage and television actor.

“Acknowledging people is a wonderful key to cultivating trust, confidence and loyalty,” he adds. Mr. Stone operates Speakers and Artists International, Inc. ( in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Communication and intimacy

He says speakers falsely assume that a person or our audience already feels acknowledged.”

He points out acknowledgment is effective in all forms of communication and intimacy.

“To use a good example, when a person falls in love, the other is showered day and night with acknowledgement in the form of compliments, notes, poems, flowers, gifts, surprises, actions, etc.,” he asserts.

He poses this question: “Who doesn’t want to be recognized and appreciated?” His question represents a smart idea.

“To acknowledge means to allow, approve, endorse, support, see, empower, appreciate and RECOGNIZE,” exclaims the consultant.

“It is quite subtle but all forms of recognition begin in acknowledgement,” says Mr. Stone. “The opposite verbs are to ignore, refuse, dismiss, despise, resist, shun, oppose or repudiate.”

So acknowledgment is a key to effective communication.

“It breaks the ice in any situation when done appropriately, with tact and, of course, timing,” he explains. “I had a teacher that used to say ‘If you want to be popular, get interested not interesting.’”

Mr. Stone’s final takeaways:

“When in doubt, always acknowledge something you really like about the person you are with or your audience,” he says. “Do it from-the-heart and don’t pretend it.”

Agreed. Additionally, I really like his following point:

“Put all your energy behind it and make it an event,” he concludes. “Our performance and success depend on it!”

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“The institution asked me to speak and say a few words. So, knowing a few is three, I said, I love you.”

-Jarod Kintz 


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