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In our mobile world, entrepreneurs have to be accessible and be able to quickly communicate in a variety of ways. Staying connected with customers is vital.

Sometimes making or receiving a phone call isn’t possible.

And increasingly, Americans prefer to text; at least according Twilio in a 2016 study. The report indicated two-thirds of consumers prefer texting, and technology companies are taking note by offering SMS text messaging apps.

By texting, you benefit five ways:

1. Effective fast communication

Customer Think says SMS messages result in an average response time of 90 seconds. That’s important whether you’re dealing with customers, vendors or employees.

It also makes for easy brief updates, check-ins or questions until you’re able to talk on the phone or get on the computer to send and receive emails.

2. Helps keep track of conversations

With SMS, you have a thread of accessible message histories vis-à-vis that any person in the dialogue can check. No hassles in referring to your email inbox or call notes.

You can track messages – such as customer engagement or satisfaction – all the way to the start. Salient details aren’t missed and everyone stays accountable.

3. Helps in mobile communication

In this hectic business world, people have time to send a fast text if they can’t send an email or make a phone call.

But a text is a convenient tool to acknowledge a voicemail and explain you’ll call back as soon as you can with a complete set of information.

Texting is also now acceptable and enables business persons to acknowledge hearing from someone so they’re not left hanging worrying about whether they got the message.

4. Provides ability to share information directly

Sometimes it isn’t possible to explain things on the phone. But with SMS messaging you can share information such as links, pictures and videos.

SMS is also an important customer service tool. This is very helpful if you’re researching an issue, sending information or requesting additional information. This goes for the customer, too.

And it can all be done whether you’re in a meeting or on the phone.

5. Makes it easy to respond to voicemails

When you’re busy with a customer or putting out a fire in your operation, sometimes it isn’t possible to return a phone call.

But with texting, you can ease your customer’s anxiety by quickly letting the person know you’re on top of the situation and that you’ll soon be in touch with all the necessary vital information.

The bottom-line: SMS messaging is now considered polite and good etiquette if you use it to stay in touch and don’t want to miss any opportunities to connect. That means enhanced business relationships and profits.

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“The speed of communications is wondrous to behold. It is also true that speed can multiply the distribution of information that we know to be untrue.”

-Edward R. Murrow


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